ZEYAP Solution

Zeyap is proud to be the pioneer in providing flexible crypto payment solution on blockchain technology. Just by scanning the QR code, buyers can easily set up to pay their bills instantly, schedule the payment, or even split the bill with their friends. Zeyap is available for both buyers and merchants.

Zeyap for Buyers

Pay the bills, send and withdraw cryptocurrency.

Easily and securely with Zeyap.

  • Zero Fee

  • Available on smartphone

  • Scan to pay

  • Deposit

  • Withdraw

  • Transfer

ZeyapM for Merchants

Get paid instantly or on schedule and manage

your revenue from anywhere.

  • Integrate with payment system

  • Pull payment from buyers

  • Scan to charge

  • Easily manage revenue stream

  • Available on both desktop and smartphone

Payment Solution

Merchants get paid immediately with instant payment type. Once the transaction is successfully proceeded, payments from buyers are pushed to merchants’ accounts.

Buyers scan to pay and confirm the transaction, then the payment is proceeded and kept safe in the payment pool. Merchants will pull the payment to their accounts.

Hanging out with friends and wanna split the bill? Shared payment function will allow buyers to pay separately just by scanning the QR code. Merchants can collect payment by auto or manual pull request.

You have a recurring payment but usually forget to pay yet another bill? Set the schedule only once to have your payment auto made when it is due. Scheduling function is also available for shared payment. Keep the hassle away with Zeyap!

How To Use Zeyap

  • 1

    Buyer opens Zeyap application on smartphone

  • 2

    Select the payment type

  • 3

    Scan the billing QR code generated by the Merchant

  • 4

    Confirm transaction details

  • 5

    Successful payment is stored in the payment pool

  • 6

    Merchant will auto or manually request to receive the payment


  • PoC and Presales

    Q3 2018

  • 31 October 2018

    MVP Product

  • Beta Launch & Infinito Wallet Integration

    31 December 2018

  • 29 April 2019

    Official Product Launch

Meet Our Team

  • An Luu

    Project Director

  • Ashish Das

    Head of R&D

  • Sebastien Thillaye

    Business Development Leader

  • Ha Bui

    Senior Developer

  • Tuan Tran


  • Dinh Le Dung Ngoc

    Software Test Engineer